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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Class teacher - Miss Hollinshead. 


In class 5, PE sessions are on a Wednesday and  a Friday. Please make sure children have their PE kits in school for these days. Homework is given out on a Friday and expected back each Monday. A spelling lesson and test will be completed on Tuesday mornings. Children in class 5 are given a weekly spelling focus to practice. 




Maths 1
During our Maths lessons, we are focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages this term. Class 5 have made a fantastic start with their fractions unit and are moving onto decimals and percentages. The children will be ordering, comparing and writing decimals, and will then learn to apply these skills effectively. 


English 1

Within our English lesson this term, class 5 have been focusing on the text 'Oranges in No Man's Land'. This is an everyday fictional text that is based on true events. The children will be creating and writing their own fictional texts using the book as inspiration.


Children in class 5 are expected to be reading at least three times a week. When children reach this reading target, they are able to join our achievements board for the week. Please encourage your child to read at home, as this will help them progress with both their reading and writing skills. 


Science 1
Our Science learning this term is focused upon materials, and we will move onto Life Cycles next half term. The children in class 5 have enjoyed exploring lots of different materials, and have discussed and grouped them based on their properties. We like to encourage children to take a practical approach within their Science learning so that they can investigate and make conclusions about their findings. 


Topic 1
Class 5 are looking at the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings as part of their topic work this term. They will be exploring settlements, life as a child and will create their own Viking shields as part of our Art and Design Technology lessons. 

Curriculum map for Year 5

Mother Teresa's Song