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15th - 19th June 2020

Friday 19th June 2020


Good morning and happy Friday!

What an amazing week we are having! Our first face to face class meet, seeing the Duchess of Cambridge in assembly and lots of great studying of the Shang Dynasty


PE with Joe at 9am


English - grammar work today on ActiveLearn, to enhance our writing next week.  Please make sure that you send me your first draft of your written work today if you haven't already as I need to see what you need to improve on before we complete our second draft improvements.


History - look at the powerpoint and then complete the attached tasks.  This will add to your knowledge and maybe give you some more facts to include in next week's English work.


Maths - see you at 1:30pm in the Google Classroom for our end of topic session and TTRS!


Have a great weekend, look forward to seeing you soon!

Mrs Lennon


English instructions and history activities are below - all history work is in the Google Classroom due to the Powerpoint size (you need to look at it before you do the tasks)

Thursday 18th June 2020


Happy Thursday!

Today we have:

PE with Joe at 9am

English - the first draft of your Shang Dynasty work

- you may also want to join the Summer Reading Challenge - this year it's online

Special assembly at 11am with The Duchess of Cambridge

Art - time to be creative with a Chinese theme

Maths - 1:30pm in the Google Classroom


Today's files, I have included the maths work as I know a couple of you have had issues with Google Classroom

Wednesday 17th June 2020


WOW!!! Year 4 you totally amaze me! You have developed fantastic online skills!

We had 13 of us out of 17 (including me), in our live face to face session. 

I couldn't wait to tell Mrs Horton how lovely it was to see you all and how patient and sensible you were listening to each other.  So guess what? We are going to make it a weekly event. I will let you know when it will take place and post the details in the Google Classroom the same as today.


Please make sure that you say a great big thank you to your mums and dads, brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, who helped you get online. We couldn't have done it without them!


Our lessons today:

PE with Joe at 9am

English time to plan your writing

Science more about Dangers to Living Things

Maths Google Classroom at 1:30pm - the maths lessons have been uploaded early for some class members to access.  I would like you where possible to be in the online session when I am there to help you.

Tuesday 16th June 2020


Happy Tuesday? 


Hands up if you are excited about our first face to face session today? I can't wait to see you all.  I will send you a link in the Google Classroom to log into the meet at 2:15pm. Before all that we have some studies to do:


PE with Joe at 9am - from next week Joe will only do three live sessions a week, so watch this space for further sporting challenges!

English - some grammar tasks to support your Shang Dynasty work.

French - Thinking back to our Roman Roads curriculum Vehicle, we are back around the town, learning to talk about where we live.

Maths - Google Classroom, I'll be there to help you from 1:30pm

PSHE - Going Live With Our Friends - our face to face session 2.15pm 



Monday 15th June 2020


Good morning!  I hope you have all had a great weekend.


PE with Joe at 9am to start the week!

English - continuing with our Shang Dynasty work

RE - Thinking about the Holy Gifts

Maths - Google Classroom at 1:30pm