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1st -5th June 2020

Friday 5th June 2020


Good morning everyone!  You have completed some fantastic work this week, you really do make me proud of your efforts.

So before the weekend there's a few more things to complete:


9am PE with Joe

English - put together everything you have learnt this week to write your own setting description for the picture.

Geography - a little bit of map work.

Maths - see you in the Google Classroom at 1:30pm

Thursday 4th June 2020


Happy Thursday!  I hope you are having a good week even though the sunshine seems to have disappeared.  I am so pleased with the effort that you are putting into your work, keep it up!


9am PE with Joe

English - how to put all that work you've done into a really good plan.  Make sure that you have yesterday's work with you so that you can refer to different features.  I know some of you struggled with this terminology but this piece of work should make it clearer for you and get you ready for your own independent write tomorrow.

DT  - time to think healthy eating!

Maths - see you in the Google Classroom at 1:30pm for more on Properties of Shape.

Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Happy midweek! Thank you to all those who have sent in work :-)


Are you up and ready for PE with Joe?

English - time to really thin about the settings of stories with an example to work through.

Science - continuing our Dangers to Living things, it's time to add humans into the food chains.

Maths - see you in the Google Classroom at 1:30pm

Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Good morning and thank you for all your emails yesterday.  I hope you enjoyed the PurpleMash maths to start our unit on Properties of Shapes.  Emails will be replied to this morning as I had a technical problem yesterday.


PE with Joe at 9am

English please look at the ebook and complete the task on the sheet.  At this time I would like you to ONLY READ CHAPTER 1.

Computing -something different for you to try your skills at today - look at the file and then head over to PurpleMash.

Maths - see you in the Google Classroom at 1:30pm

Monday 1st June


Good morning! Welcome back to the start of our final half term as Year 4. 


Did you have a good holiday? What amazing weather, so much sunshine for us to enjoy.  I'm guessing that there were some paddling pools out and ice-creams eaten, maybe some countryside walks or cycle rides, and of course you all remembered to help your mums and dads around the house.


I hope you are all going to keep in touch with me everyday, talking about our work on Google Classroom, sending me photos to share with your classmates and of course emailing in your work as and when you can.


So back to PE with Joe Wicks at 9am - I was looking at some of his healthy recipes the other day too! If you get chance, have a look, they might give you some ideas for later in the week.


English - today is an independent write, but I only want you to describe the setting, not tell the story!

RE - Pentecost part 1, plenty for you to think about today.

Maths - See you in the Google Classroom at 1:30pm - there will be some PurpleMash work this week too as it will help you understand the Properties of Shapes.


Looking forward to a great week

Mrs Lennon