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22nd -26th June 2020

Friday 26th June 2020


Happy Friday!  I hope you have had a great week.  The English work that has been sent in so far is very good, well done!

Today we don't have PE with Joe but he is back on Saturday today we have:

Multi Skills

Password: Multiskills3


English today is consolidating your Shang Dynasty work.  Remember the first sheet that you filled in about what you already knew about the Shang Dynasty?  Well now it's time to add what you have learnt.


DT - can you create a design for some Chinese pottery? Or would you prefer to design a box for your favourite Chinese food?


Maths - see you in the Google Classroom at 1:30pm -2:30pm


Thursday 25th June 2020


Good morning! I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.  The maths has been uploaded in a morning as some of you find it easier to work then, what I have found is that you are still accessing our live lesson time for help from me which is great and it is lovely to help you.


Today's PE is: 

Ball Skills

Password: BallSkills3


English is your final draft.  Use all of your editing notes to write up your work to be the best it can possibly be.  This can be handwritten or done on the computer, you can include photos, pictures or drawings.


DT - can you design your own Chinese meal? or even a whole menu?


Maths is in the Google Classroom and I'll be available between 1:30pm and 2:30pm to answer any questions.


See you later

Mrs Lennon smiley

PS Have you heard about this year's Summer Reading Challenge?

Details can be found here:

Wednesday 24th June 2020


Happy Wednesday everyone!  It was lovely to see so many of you, and your lovely ice-lollies, yesterday! 


So today we start with PE with Joe at 9am.

English - one of your friends has very kindly let me use their work to demonstrate how to up level through editing and improving, look at the example and then carefully go through your work and note changes to make.

Science - putting together everything that you have learned about 'Dangers to Living Things' (this is a two week piece of work).

Maths - your task is in the Google Classroom, we are continuing our place value work.  Remember I'll be there between 1:30pm -2:30pm for any help you might need.


Tuesday 23rd June 2020


Good morning everyone!

No Joe today but we have Miss Keri for you instead!


PE with Miss Keri

Password: KeriAthletics3


English - time to create a strong concluding paragraph using three top tips.


RE - I am hoping to share an assembly with you this afternoon but before that I'd like you to think about the Global Church, this requires a little research.


Maths - Your tasks are loaded and waiting for you, remember to ask me for help in our Google Classroom at 1:30pm.


Our Face to Face will be at 2.15 starting with a short assembly and then some fun tasks. I'll load the meet details at 2:10pm.  See you then laugh



Monday 22nd June 2020


Good morning!  Thank you to all of you who have sent me your draft English work, I will be using some of these as examples for our edit and improve later in the week.


Today we start with PE with Joe at 9am (he's only live Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays now)

English - Dragon Bones text - VIPERS - Retrieval - Read the text on page 5 and answer the questions on page 6.

History - Dragon Bones - look through the powerpoint and then choose one or both of the tasks to complete.

Maths - See you later in the Google Classroom (1:30pm)