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8th -12th June 2020

Friday 12th June 2020


Happy Friday everyone!


Did you see my news yesterday, in the classroom? We are going for a live face to face on Tuesday!  I am so excited to be able to see you and I know you will be excited to see all your lovely friends too!  Further details will be sent to parent emails on or before Monday. 


Today we have PE with Joe at 9am.

English  - continuing with our Shang Dynasty research

DT - a food investigation

Maths - the end of our shape unit and some fun in TTRS

Thursday 11th June 2020


Good morning everyone!


PE with Joe at 9am

Please watch the NSPCC assembly that I posted below yesterday.

English - files attached, make sure that you keep all of these pieces of work together as you need them next week too!

Science - continuing with our 'Dangers to Living things' topic

Maths - see you later in the Google classroom hopefully with that exciting news I mentioned today!

​​​​Speak out. Stay safe.

Please use the link to watch the assembly.

Wednesday 10th June 2020


Good morning!  It was great chatting to some of you today in the Google Classroom.


PE with Joe at 9am or can you make yourself into a letter? or even spell your name?  Ask someone to take photos and send them in.

English - part two of Shang Dynasty, remember the text and documents are on ActiveLearn.

RE - part two of Pentecost


Can you also login to ReadTheory, try for at least 10 minutes a day? This will help if you have already read all of your books.


Maths  - see you in the Google classroom at 1:30pm and there might be a little surprise during the session, so  make sure you are logged in!


Tuesday 9th June 2020


I am glad you had so much fun with World Ocean Day, it certainly got you all thinking about how we can protect our oceans.  Thank you for sharing your fact finding with me too!



PE with Joe at 9am

English -Shang Dynasty - instructions below and files on ActiveLearn

Geography - Exploring the world, but which part?


See you later in the Google Classroom for maths at 1:30pm.

Mrs Lennon


 ‘What do you know?’ (NF ITP 4.3.1) ActiveLearn


Complete the first two columns of ‘Shang Dynasty learning chart’ (file above)


eBook of The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China


Read the cover and Screen 1 of the eBook, including the interactive pop-up.

Why are some words in bold? Look up their meanings, using the Glossary.

What information do the cover and first screen give about the eBook (e.g. Is it fiction or non-fiction? What is the topic? What will you find out about on Screen 7?).


Our new Big Question: Did the Shang Dynasty really exist?

At the end of the unit you will write a report answering that question.


Think about what information you will need to answer the Big Question.


Add to your first two columns of ‘Shang Dynasty learning chart’ 


Keep your work safe.


Monday 8th June 2020

Happy World Ocean Day!


If we can’t go to the ocean, we’ll bring it to our homes!


Are you  wearing blues and greens,  if so send me some photos to share your with the rest of the school to show how amazing you are taking part even though you are at home!   use this webpage to find the sessions


9am Joe Wicks for your daily work out or World Ocean Day launch


Watch Rockpool Ramble at 9:30am

Watch Breathe like a Dolphin at 10am

Read chapter 1 of the online resource Introducing the Ocean (pages 1 -13)

Maths 20 mins of TTRS at time to suit you

Google classroom 1:30pm-2:30pm Why we should care about the Ocean, UK Marine Habitats


Enjoy the ocean and keep safe

Mrs Lennon