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Remote Learning

Please find below work to complete at home for remote learning


Day 1 - Unit 7 - Statistics - Making tally charts

Day 2 - Unit 7 - Statistics - Creating pictograms

Use your activelearn login

Activelearn website for the teaching pages then complete the sheets below


Use the video links below for reading longer words


Read your home reading book and your share book.

Our homework this week was all about Traditional Tale, you could explore a variety of these stories and discuss the main events with a summary and think about the different features that have been used.


We have listened to the Bible story of Joseph's dream. Read the story and think about how Joseph showed great love and care for his family.

An angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and warned him, "Herod is searching for the child -to kill him! You must escape at once."

Mary and Joseph fled that night and went to live in Egypt until the old King Herod had died and there was no more danger.

Then they returned to their home in Nazareth, where Jesus spent his childhood years.