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Home learning for Friday 19th March


We are doing a piece of independent writing based on writing a postcard. The postcard can be written about anything you want, maybe a recent walk or a favourite holiday? You must try to include capital letters for names and places, full stops, finger spaces and use Fred Fingers to help you spell. 


Complete last day of the phonics sheet.

In Geography, we are looking at all the different places that the families of our friends in our class come from. We are quite the international class!! This includes England, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Uganda and Zimbabwe to name but a few! Can you find any of these on a map (google earth is great for this!) then put them onto the world map.

Home learning for Thursday 18th March


Read through screen 5 of the ebook and look at the Postcard pop up. Look at where the capital letters are in the address. Why do we need these here?



Have a go at Day 4 on the phonics sheet.


Have a go at this Cosmic Yoga session.

Peter Cottontail and the Tickly Monkeys: Saturday Morning Yoga | Cosmic Kids

Home learning for Wednesday 17th March


Look at Screen 7 of 'All About Elephants'. Read the main heading. Which two places are shown on the map? Which one is cold/hot?

Look closely at the labelled photo of the arctic fox. How do the different body parts help it to live in a cold place?

Compare the arctic fox with the fennec fox and jerboa. Note the latter animals’ large ear


Complete the table with the Arctic on one side and the other the desert. Write down the features that an animal might need to help them survive in each habitat.


Go to day 3 on the phonics sheet from Monday.


Whilst on a walk, see what animals you can see and hear.

Home learning for Tuesday 16th March


Day 2 on the phonics sheet from yesterday.


Go to charanga and look at the In the Groove: folk lesson. Listen to the song and then listen to 'Lord of the Dance'. Which do you prefer?

Have a go at the warm up and flexible games and then go into Improvisation- In the Groove Folk and go to Copy Back. Once you have done that got to Listen Out and choose the instruments.



Read through the powerpoint- Review activity and consolidation activity and complete sheet one- Theo's party.


Home learning for Monday 15th March


Read through Screen 6 of Why do Elephants have Big Ears (on Active learn), we would like to know how an animal uses its ears to help it in dark places.

What is ‘echolocation’. What features give you more information about echolocation?

Task: Write two sentences about how a dolphin and a bat hears. 


There are a range of the sayings of Jesus which can help those who share his life today. Including: “I am the light of the world.” “Love your enemies.” “Love one another as I have loved you.” “Whatever you do to the least of these people you did to me.” “Let the children come to me.”

What is the differences between light and darkness? What can we do in the light that we can’t do in the dark? If Jesus is the light of the world, how can his light help and guide people? What can Jesus help people see? What can he show people by his example?


Children to write prayers on candles. Use “Jesus you are the light” as a starting point.

Homework 26.02.21-05.03.21

Homework 05.03.21-12.03.21

Reading Books

Set 1 blending- Blending Book 6

Red- Nog in the fog

Pink- Dragon Bay

Yellow- Fun at night

Some of these books the children have read before, but unfortunately these are the only books available to us at the moment.