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Welcome to Year 2!

With Mrs Wilde, Mrs White and Mrs Hunt



Our Curriculum Vehicle for the Autumn Term is.......

Art Gallery



Successful Art Gallery!

Year 2 presented their artwork on Wednesday 11th December at Stafford Library. The day was a huge success and the children's behaviour was exemplary, making their parents and teachers very proud. They were able to explain their artwork and talk about the artists that inspired it. 

They had many visitors throughout the day, from family, friends to the general public.

Year 2 would like to thank everyone who helped to make their art gallery a success. 




Our vehicle this term is to set up an Art Gallery for family and friends.


Exciting times ahead....

We will be sending out our invites for the grand opening of our Art Gallery very soon. 


A huge thank you to our award winning visual artist from Staffordshire, Mark Lippett, who came and spent a whole morning with us teaching us special drawing techniques. He showed us some of his fantastic artwork and really inspired us. We look forward to showcasing our drawings at our Art Gallery. 

We had a fantastic day visiting Walsall Art Gallery. We learnt about a famous artist, Kathleen Ryan and made a 'bust' out of mod-roc. We are looking forward to painting them and then showcasing them in our art gallery. 














Thank you to everyone who helped collect recycled material for our design technology workshop. We had great fun making our fire engines with our family. 


In English we have started a new unit. The children will read two stories that deal with themes of overcoming worries and facing fears. They will look in depth at two different characters and explore how they overcome their fears. They will develop their knowledge of sentence constructions, joining two or more sentences with ‘and’ and use correct punctuation, and explore using expanded noun phrases to add more detail. 


In Maths we are learning to partition the digits in a two-digit number. We are also learning to add and subtract multiples of 10 to a number using place value knowledge. 


In RE we are learning to understand what happens at Mass. We are listening to a variety of Old Testament readings and learning to  understand why it is important to listen to God's word. We are also thinking of ways we can follow God's word in our daily lives. 


In Art we are studying Andy Warhol, Andy Goldsworthy and Kate Owen to name a few. We will develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. 


In Design Technology we will be exploring modern fire engines and their features, looking at what features are common to all vehicles and which are specific to fire engines. We will then go on to design our models, create and evaluate. 


In History we are developing an awareness of the past. We will use a variety of sources to compare present-day London and London before 1666. We will also look at how the Great Fire of London started and the impact it had on people, buildings and jobs. 


In Geography we will be looking at different parts of the world where the artists come from. We will use maps and atlases to locate the 7 continents, as well as America, Australia and the UK. 


In Science we will compare the suitability of a variety of materials to see which ones can be used to frame our artwork and to make a fire engine. We will also carry out fair tests to find an answer to a given question. 


In Computing we will learn how to log on and off, about internet safety and steps to take to stay safe. We will use the internet to research information about art galleries, explore virtual art galleries and find out about our chosen artists. We will also use Microsoft Word and Power Point. 


In Music we will listen to different genres of music and express our opinions on them. We will sing songs and play tuned and untuned instruments. 


So far in PSHE we have looked at our classroom rules, British Values and voted for our class councillors. We are now moving on to looking at how we look after ourselves. 


We have PE on a Wednesday morning so PE kits will need to be in school each week. 


Home work will be given out on a Friday to be handed in (along with the homework exercise book) the following Friday. Children should complete any written work which will not fit on the sheets in the exercise book, it should be done neatly and in pencil. Please do not allow them to use pen. No more than an hour a week should be spent on completing any written work/ maths. Please help and encourage your child but do not do the work for them. If you feel the work is too easy/difficult for them please get in touch. If you wish you may write any comments to how your child got on in the exercise book. 



We will still continue with our phonics sessions daily. Please encourage your child to read at home daily. The children will receive daily stars for the sticker chart and prizes at the end of the half term. 







Maths Vocabulary- Early Years to Year 6

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Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Vocabulary

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