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Year 5

Friday 22nd May 2020

Congratulations on an amazing half term of Home Learning!  I have seen some fantastic pieces of work and I am so happy with the effort that you are making.  Keep the photos and emails coming in!


Next week is half term holidays so I ask you to keep doing what you are doing, helping your families and keeping safe, but most of all do it with those big Year 4 smiles on your faces and enjoy a lesson free week.


Before that though there's a few more things to do!

PE at 9am with Joe Wicks

English - I'd like you to write a letter to me.

History - can you help next year's Class 4?

Maths - I will be in the Google Classroom from 1:30pm and on TTRS to challenge you at 2pm!

Year 4 friendship and rainbows - have a great afternoon, you are all working so hard.

Thursday 21st May 2020


Happy Thursday! I hope you had a fantastic afternoon yesterday in the beautiful sunshine.  Thank you for all the work you are sending in, it's great to see that you are learning at home.


9am PE with Joe Wicks or send mw a photo of you doing a sport at home or even creating your own.,

English - some spelling tasks, please just complete pages 1 and 2.

DT - help create a meal, details on the sheet.

Maths - see you in the Google Classroom at 1:30pm.

Wednesday 20th May 2020


Good morning! Thank you for the lovely work that you have been sending in, it's great to hear from you.


PE with Joe at 9am

English some more spelling work for you to practise

Art I think you are going to like this one!

Maths see you in the Google Classroom at 1:30pm

Tuesday 19th May 2020


Good morning! Today we have some fun learning with words in English and some investigations for you to do in science. 

For those of you that requested sheets to complete or help you with your learning they are at the school office for you.


9am PE with Joe Wicks

English, practise the spelling on the sheets and then play the game

Science, investigate food chains - some Active Learn clips to watch to help you, the files have been assigned to you in the normal way.

Maths, 1:30pm in Google Classroom - see you later!

Monday 18th May 2020

 Happy Monday!


Today I am in school, and will be giving some of you a call later.  I will still be online for our maths lesson later on.


PE 9am with Joe Wicks.

English we are concentrating on spellings this week, follow the instructions on the file.

RE I am asking you to read some statements and then think about them to put together your own prayer.

Maths I will be online in the Google Classroom at 1:30pm.

Friday 15th May 2020


Happy Friday! Thank you for your lovely messages.


9am PE with Joe Wicks

English -the last part of our story Thatch the Moon

Geography - a modern route

Maths 1:30pm in the Google Classroom, bring any questions you have with you.

Thursday 14th May 2020


Happy Thursday to you! Today is my birthday and if I could, I would be giving you all a piece of cake.  Eddie has made this for me and I can't wait to taste it later.  

9am PE with Joe Wicks

English - continuing with your detailed book review of Thatch the Moon as you listen to part 4.

Music - tell me about your happy song - details on the file.

Maths - I'll be online at 1:30pm - see you there.  Remember to say 'Hello' next to your work (classwork) so I know that you are there.


Enjoy the photos of you and your friends below today's files

Midweek treat - here are your friends and what they have been up to

Wednesday 13th May 2020


I'm glad so many of you liked our rainbow video!  We miss you too! Great news for today, it's part 3 of our story 'Thatch the Moon'.


PE with Joe Wicks at 9am or send me some photos of you doing other sports.  I know some of you have been out on walks, bike rides, or playing football with your parents or brothers and sisters.


English part 3 of Thatch the Moon and the start of your story review.


Art - create a portrait of yourself - details on the file - I need at least one each off you please!


Maths 1:30pm in the Google Classroom. Make sure you have a clock face near you if you can.


Ooooh! I almost forgot, look out for the postman!

Keep safe

Mrs Lennon


Tuesday 12th May 2020


We've put together a little treat for you!  Go to home learning and then click on the sunflower photo! Enjoy!


PE with Joe or show me your sport! A little change this morning, send me a photo of you doing your favourite sport or making up your own sport.


English review your character work, edit and improve.  I have also linked part 1 and part 2 so that you can listen and work today.  Tomorrow will be part three so don't rush on.


Science, today we start looking at food chains, you have some statements to sort.


Maths will be in the Google Classroom at 1:30pm.

Monday 11th May 2020

Good Morning and a happy Monday to you all.  Please make sure you have sent me photos of your makes, bakes and fun as I would like to put them together so that you can see each other.


This week I have decided to teach maths in the Google Classroom and our topic this week is TIME.  In English we will be carrying on with the story that we started last week in the classroom -if you haven't listened yet use the links on the English file to get to the video clips of Thatch the Moon or you can find them below on Thursday's work.


Don't forget Joe Wicks at 9am for PE.

English is attached and so is RE for today.

Maths is at 1:30pm in the Google Classroom.

Thatch the Moon

A story to listen to - More to come next week within our English lessons.

Thursday 7th May 2020


Good morning Year 4!  It looks like it's going to be another beautiful day of sunshine for us to enjoy.

Thank you all for your hard work so far this week,  I have seen some beautiful writing, hard work and effort in maths and some great photos of you having fun.  Please keep sharing.


Today's lessons are PE with Joe at 9am.

Maths - today you are using the four functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) with money.  Think about our usual Morning Maths and apply your knowledge to the money questions.

Art – Use the file to create a Spitfire glider or some bunting to celebrate VE Day's 75th anniversary tomorrow

English - see you in the online classroom at 1:30pm for grammar and part two of our story.

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Good morning! 

Wakey Wakey, it's time for PE with Joe and Rosie at 9am (YouTube The Body Coach).

Things are a little different today for maths as I am giving you the worksheet but no demo - are you up for the challenge?

DT is all about getting creative in the kitchen, think celebrations, flavours and colour as you design the ultimate cakes to celebrate VE day's 75th anniversary.

English will be in the Google Classroom at 1:30pm.

Tuesday 5th May 2020


Good morning!


PE at 9am with Joe and Rosie (YouTube The Body Coach)

Maths  - links are on the sheet for lesson 2 on money

Science - look at the animal antics sheet (30 days for animals) and share with me what you choose to do

English - see you in the Google Classroom at 1:30pm for more grammar work


Remember to read and practise your times tables. I can see some of you are using ReadTheory which is great.

Have a lovely day

Mrs Lennon


Monday 4th May 2020


Good morning! I hope you've all had a great weekend.  Thank you for your photos and emails.  If there are any more of you celebrating Captain Tom's birthday please email them to me at as soon as possible so that I can create a clip on here for you to see.


I am really pleased with the work that I am receiving and also all the help you are giving your mums and dads.  I have evidence of folding washing, helping in the kitchen, putting things away, baking, cooking (and eating!).  


This week we only have four home learning lesson days.  Friday is a bank holiday and this year it is on VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day, the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting came to an end in Europe.  I have used this as a theme for some of your foundation subjects this week.  


Today we will start with PE with Joe at 9am, but today, it's not just Joe, his wife Rosie is helping him as he had a small operation on his arm at the weekend.


Maths is all about money!  Do you have a money box with coins in it? Ask someone to write amounts of money down and you practise making them in different ways using your coins.  Eg 32p could be 6 x 5p + 2 x 1p or 3 x 10p + 2p.

There is also a link to the online lesson on WhiteRose.


RE is on the file attached.  I'd like you to think about how the people around Jesus felt on seeing him again after the events of Holy Week.


English 1:30pm in the Google Classroom.


Have a great Monday

Mrs Lennon

Friday 1st May 2020

Good morning! Happy first day of a new month!

We woke up in the tent this morning!  Eddie, myself and Alfie the dog all took part in the #campathome organised by Northumberland Scouts.  Over 84,000 people in 67 countries camped out in tents or in homemade dens in their houses.  It was a bit cold and the rain was noisy but we did it!


Thank you once again for all of your work and photos, I hope you enjoyed celebrating Captain Tom's 100th birthday yesterday.


Today it's PE first with Joe Wicks (9am YouTube, The Body Coach)


Maths - complete the end of unit questions on the file and then challenge your friends on Times Tables Rock Stars


History - can you create a Roman road map -details attached (printout or draw and send a photo)


See you later on in the Google Classroom for our English session (1:30pm - 2:30pm)

Keep safe

Mrs Lennon


Thursday 30th April 2020

Happy 100th birthday Captain Tom!

Good morning Year 4 - Yes it's the day we've been looking forward to, Captain Tom's 100th birthday.  We will be celebrating this later in our live lesson (1:30pm).


Before that we have PE with Joe at 9am.


Maths - Halves and quarters the details are on the file.


DT - Show me how you are helping your parents with your jobs, makes and bakes.


English  - Celebrating Captain Tom's 100th birthday year 4 style.


UPDATE 1:20pm 30/04/2020 English - going live in the classroom in 10mins

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning! It was great to have so many of you online in our Google Classroom yesterday afternoon.  I will be there again today at 1:30pm - 2:30pm for our next English lesson.


Please join Joe Wicks for PE at 9am (YouTube The Body Coach)


Maths - work through the clip pausing as you go to complete the examples, then move on to the activity. Details on the file attached.


Science - a bit of a scavenger hunt today, all in the name of electricity.  Please send a photo of your work to me on our class email


Tuesday 28th April 2020


Good morning!  I was so happy to see so many of you  getting into our Google Classroom.  Remember if you are having problems let me know via our class email and I will help.


PE -with Joe at 9am


Maths -instructions are on the file of how to find the WhiteRose lesson. Work through the clip and then complete the activity.


Music is all on the file too - have fun, it's got a lot to do with STOMP!


English is in Google Classroom at 1:30pm- file below if needed, please join us to do it together.


See you later in the Google Classroom (1:30pm) Can't wait to chat with you!

Mrs Lennon


UPDATE 1.55pm- I'm online now, apologies for a few technical hitches

English - this is what we are doing in Google Classroom

Monday 27th April 2020


Happy Monday Year 4


I hope you have had a great weekend out in the lovely sunshine. This week we are hoping to change our home learning so that you can be more in touch with me and see some practical examples and explanations.


PE will be 9am every day with Joe Wicks (YouTube - The Body Coach)

Maths will be a clip following the way we normally work - a couple more sessions on decimals and you can do the work in the books you were given.

English this week will be on Google Classroom (look out for a text message coming to your parents)  You will need to use your usual Google login, go to Google Classroom - choose from where the block of nine dots are - and then enter the code from the text.  This will enable me to show you what to do, communicate with you all so that we can work together and you get the help you need.

RE today is about the road to Emmaus - either do a drama piece of the story or answer the questions.


Maths - how to find the lesson and the web address

RE file to help THE ROAD TO EMMAUS

Friday 24th April 2020


Happy Friday!  What lovely sunshine we have today!


Let's wake ourselves up with PE with Joe at 9am.


Maths today is all about showing me that you have understood this week's learning.  As an extra challenge, can you set me a partitioning question, remember you must be able to work out the answer yourself. Have you been on TTRS lately?  Why not challenge your friends?


English today is all about spelling and handwriting the new words that you are learning.  I've included the powerpoint, 'look say cover write' sheet, the handwriting sheet for you to see how to keep those joins written neatly and a spelling game to play.


History – can you research roman shield designs and create your own? Have a look at the powerpoint to help you and don't forget to send me a photo of your design!


I can see when you've been on ReadTheory and know that you are enjoying a wide variety of texts.  This is really useful for you to use to keep up your reading skills especially when you have finished your reading books. 


Friday challenge 

Can you read the most words accurately by Tuesday  28th April?


I look forward to seeing your work and of course your smiles!

Have a great weekend

Mrs Lennon

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Happy St. George's Day!


Yesterday I had emails from lots of you with photos of your work and makes.  Thank you so much, it's lovely seeing what you are doing.


So lets start with PE with Joe Wicks, I'm guessing you all have this book marked now!

Did you enjoy the quiz he's put in?


English today has examples on the file - you are doing a great job with your SPAG this week, following the examples and doing it independently.


Maths is the questions that go with yesterday's powerpoint, so use it to help you or email if you need more examples.


Geography  - can you list the counties on the map in your pack?  They are numbered for you so it will be easier to make a list and write down the number and the name of each county. Use an atlas if you have one or a map of the UK on the internet.



Here you go! The updated photos of your friends and their makes; Easter art, rainbows, flowers, cake and monsters!

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Good Morning!

Did you see the picture someone did for Joe? It's huge! You know where to find the link so let's get warmed up and ready for PE at 9am.


English today is looking at verb agreements and all the information you need is on the file, Maths is your next powerpoint to work through and today's fun task has a scientific theme and follows on with our electronics work.  Links are below:


1. Can you count the electrical sockets in each room in your house and total up how many there are?  Create a table to show your results.  


2. Are there any devices that you know run on electricity but you can't see where they are plugged in? Why do you think this is the case?


3. Ask an adult to show you where the electricity meter is at your house and take a meter reading. Go back again tomorrow and write down the new meter reading.  Can you calculate how much electricity your household has used?

Tuesday 21st April 2020


********** UPDATE*********


11am today A virtual tour of Trentham Monkey Forest


found via their Facebook page so ask an adult to help you.  How many monkeys can you spot? What type are they? What do they eat?



Tuesday 21st April 2020

Hi folks! Happy Tuesday and thanks for the work and photos sent in already this week!  At the bottom of today's tasks their is a surprise!


First up it's PE with Joe Wicks


Maths today is the worksheet that goes with the powerpoint you worked through yesterday.  Remember, these lessons are just the same as what we've been doing in class.

English, there are explanations and examples on the file to help you.  Work through the questions either on the sheet or in your book.

Music – watch a music video of your choice; Write down the name of the piece and who it is performed by; describe how the music makes you feel and what instruments you can hear.


For example:

Radio Gaga by Queen

This music makes me think of everyone at a huge concert held at Wembley Stadium in London, raising money for the African famine.  I remember watching it on TV and clapping along with my mum, dad and brother.  This music has a real strong drum beat, other instruments are played but only heard during the melody.

Surprise!!! Look who's here!

Thanks for the lovely photos - can you see your friends and what they have been up to?

Monday 20th April

Happy Monday and welcome to the new summer term!


I hope you have had a good relaxing Easter, did you complete any of my challenges? If so email me a photo and I'll put them up.  Eddie and myself have been on some long walks so that we could cover the distance of the Three Peaks, we still have one walk to do later today.  The walks have been really interesting spotting things we don't normally notice and of course to work off the chocolate from our Easter Eggs!


So, back to our plan, we are starting with PE with Joe Wicks, then English this week is a SPAG week, for Maths we have more decimals and then, for RE, I'd like you to recall the events of Holy Week.

Please email if you need any help, keep safe,

Mrs Lennon

RE Holy Week

Can you watch the Holy Week cartoons on the diocese link and write down the events in your own words, you can do this as a leaflet of as a storyboard

Monday 6th April

Happy holidays!

Thank you for all your hard work and photos. 

It is now the Easter holidays (until 20th April) but I will be looking out for any emails with Easter messages or photos that you want to share with your classmates


If you look at the collective worship page (under the 'children' tab) you will find a message from Father Michael.


I wish you and your family a safe and healthy Easter

Mrs Lennon, Eddie & Alfie the dog


P.S. In the word document below you will find some fun things that I've found for you to do:

Why not go on safari?

Make an Easter egg hunt?

Tour a museum?

Write your own Easter prayer?

Friday 3rd April 2020


No set lessons, but Joe Wicks will still be on YouTube for your for PE.



When you've done your PE why not go on a tour of Chester Zoo.

You will be able to see lots of animals as the Zoo Keepers tell you about them.   Just think you can see the parts that we missed!

Join LIVE on the Facebook or YouTube pages from 10am 
10:00 👉 Meerkats (WARNING: There may be new babies!) 😍
11:00 👉 Eastern black rhinos 🦏
12:00 👉 Beautiful birds 🐦
13:00 👉 Poison dart frogs 🐸
14:00 👉 Jaguars 😺
15:00 👉 Okapi ⚪️⚫️


👉 On Facebook, some of our followers like to watch in portrait, while some prefer landscape, so we’ll be mixing it up so there’s something for everyone! 
👉 Remember, you don’t need a Facebook account to watch, just search ‘Chester Zoo Facebook’ on Google and you’ll still be able to follow along. 
👉 If you’d prefer to watch in landscape on a TV or home computer, you may wish to watch on our Chester Zoo TV/YouTube page:
👉 Parents, kids, teachers - carry on the fun at home and keep LEARNING! We've got over 100 AMAZING activities for you on all things animals 🐯, science 👩🔬 and conservation 🏞️. Take a look at our fabulous resources: 


Thursday 2nd April 2020


Hello everyone! How are you doing?

We've been out for a walk every day so far and my family have challenged me to walking the equivalent of the Three Peaks.  This is a virtual challenge that can be done at home but Eddie, myself and Alfie the dog are using our daily walk to complete the challenge.


PE with Joe to wake us up at 9am


Today is review day.  Follow the instructions on the sheet to complete the task.


Today I have given you the assessment to do.  Have a go on your own first.  I will give you the answers tomorrow so you can see how you have got on.

Remember to send me your monster photos, I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Middle of the day update!

I just couldn't wait to share these photos of your friends with you; we've got monsters, smiles and rainbows!

Don't forget to send yours to:

Wednesday 1st April


Good morning everyone!

It was lovely to see photos of you enjoying your learning that you sent to me yesterday. I do miss seeing your smiling faces every morning so it was a happy surprise to see you in my emails. 


Have you got a rainbow in your window? I've also heard that children all over the world are also putting teddy bears in their windows also for children to spot on their daily walks.  If you've done this take a photo and send it in for me to share with the class.


Today, I have included some Easter makes for you try. One is an Easter wreath to print and make, the other is an Easter lapbook that you can keep adding to throughout Holy Week.  There is also a link to the diocese page which includes some lovely clips that you can follow during Holy Week.

PE with Joe



Revision today for end of unit questions tomorrow


Follow the instructions on the document, remember you are building up this work across the week.

RE Holy Week makes and information

wreath - print out the documents, colour and cut out the images and glue to the frame:

1. Jesus enters Jerusalem (palm branch and donkey pictures)
2. The Last Supper (bread and wine pictures)
3. Jesus Prays in Gethsemane (praying hands picture)
4. Jesus is Crucified (cross picture)
5. Resurrection (empty tomb picture)
6. Ascension (Jesus in clouds picture)
7. Holy Spirit Comes Down (dove and flames pictures)



A lapbook is where you start off with a piece of paper and add to it. You can add whatever you want so long as it fits with the Holy Week theme.  Here is an example:

Please find the link to the diocese page below.  There are some lovely clips that go through each stage of Holy Week.  There are also prayers to share with your families.

Tuesday 31st March


Gooooooood Morning Year 4! 

It really is lovely to receive the work you are doing at home. 

If you want you can send photos of you working, having fun or just giving us a wave and if it's okay with your parents I'll put them on here. Email to:


Be ready to join Joe for your PE session at 9am



Today is plan day. Use what you did yesterday to help you complete the task in your book.


Here is the worksheet that you are used to. Remember to look back at yesterday's powerpoint to help you.

Other things you could do:

Create your cardboard monster


Challenge your family to the 'throwing a teabag into a cup' challenge


Create a nature video on your phone or tablet and send it in so we can share with the rest of the class

Practise your coding on PurpleMash


Don't forget to send me a wave!



Monday 30th March 2020


Good morning class!

Thank you to all who got in touch with their work last week. Well done on your efforts.

To start this week we have our gospel reading for the week. Please watch the clip and think about it's message.

PE with Joe to start the day....enjoy!


Please follow the instructions on the sheet - today's task is to do with 'The Diamond Brothers' and you need to write it in your book.


Work through the tasks on the powerpoint, it's the last one on decimals so if there is anything you are unsure of this week please email me and I'll help as much as I can. Do today's work in your book.

Please send me photos of your box monsters on the email:

Don't forget PE with Joe at 9am!

Friday 27th March 2020


Happy Friday everyone!

Thanks to those of you who have already emailed me to let me know that you are okay and that you've done some of the tasks set.  Could I ask that you all email me to let me know that you are okay each week at least:



So today is spelling day! Can you ask someone to test you on the words I gave out last week?











New words for next week are in the powerpoint and like every week I'd like you to write them out three times each to practise your handwriting.


Today you will be putting your maths learning into practise by completing the true/false questions that we usually do at the end of the powerpoint in class, and there are a couple of reasoning questions to try too. Remember this can go in your book and send me a photo on the email.

Fun activity to try:

Target practise

How far away from an old mug (or plastic beaker) can you stand and throw a teabag and get it into the mug? 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday 26th March 2020


Good morning!

Rise and shine, it's PE time!


Today I'd like you to look at conjunctions. You can either write this in your book or complete the sheet and email it back to me, remember to add your name to the file name when you save it and send to:


Using the powerpoint from yesterday to help you complete the worksheet (the same as we normally do in class).  If you have any questions pop them on an email and I will get back to you.  Please don't worry if you get stuck, you are doing your best in a situation that is new to us all.

Creative fun time! 

Monster makes challenge:

Yesterday, I saw a photo and it made me think of you all, how you love to make things and play.  The challenge is to make a monster or a monster outfit that you can wear out of a cardboard box.  Use what you can find. You might want to use recycled materials or you might want to use whatever art materials you have available, be as creative as you can.  Remember to ask your parents before you take anything out of the cupboards!

Most of all enjoy yourselves.

I look forward to seeing photos of your makes next week via

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning!

How was yesterday? I hope you managed to login okay to do your work.  Did you do PE with Joe? I did and it was a good fun way to start the day. You can now email me if you are unsure of anything or to send me your work. 


Here are the tasks for today



Today you have a powerpoint lesson like those that you are used to, please read through and complete the tasks as you go. Tomorrow you will have the worksheet to complete.


Complete the tasks on the word doc 'Adverbial Phrases as Introductions' (you can do this in your book too)

Don't forget to go on ReadTheory and Espresso!


While the weather is nice spend some time outside in the garden, maybe do a mini treasure hunt or set one for your parents or brothers and sisters. Please try emailing me to let me know how you are and how you are getting on with your work. 


Keep washing you hands!

Mrs Lennon

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Good morning year 4!


I hope you have all managed to enjoy some sunshine over the weekend and got plenty of fresh air.  I know some of you have been feeling ill lately and I wish you a speedy recovery.


As you know, your learning is going to be a little different for the next few weeks.  Our plan is to have Maths, English and PE everyday and another activity in the afternoon.  So each morning the lessons I've planned for you will appear here. There will be links, click on files or instructions. 


For PE you will need to go to YouTube and look for PE with Joe Wicks (P.E with Joe" | Daily LIVE workouts for kids | The Body Coach), a new session is live every week day at 9am, Maths we will continue with our usual style of lessons as near as possible and English we will have a SPAG week and then a creative week where you learn through the week and then create your own on a Friday. 


Most of you managed to take two reading books home and in your pack there are a few other sheets which will help you with tasks over the next few weeks.


You have logins that work for ReadTheory and Espresso, use both of these daily for your reading practise. Next week I will be setting you some work on PurpleMash via To Dos (just like in Computing) and of course we will use Times Table Rock Stars. Sometimes you will be asked to write your answers in your book or on paper, other times you will need to email me (email address will be supplied soon).


Best Wishes 

Mrs Lennon

24th March



This link should get you there.


Aim to start this around 10am. Please say your x3 and x6 tables out loud like we do in class and then practise on Times Tables Rock Stars, enjoy challenging each other too, the more that join, the more challenges you can have!



Read the examples carefully, then use them to help you complete the tasks attached

Don't forget ReadTheory for reading and espresso, for the news!


Please take photos of your work ready to upload/email to me later in the week.