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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!



Welcome to Class 4, my name is Mrs Lennon. 


We have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays so please make sure you have your kit (you can leave it in the cloak room - no need to bring it in each day). 


Homework is given out on Thursdays and due in on Mondays.  

Spelling tests are on Thursdays and new words are also given out to learn for the following week.


The Catholic Virtues we are looking at this term are 'generous' and 'grateful'.  We did talk about these in our assembly at the beginning of term along with our class Vocation of 'convert' as in to reuse and recycle.



Our Catholic Virtues


This term we are looking at 'generous' and 'grateful'.  We reflected this in our recent assembly, sharing how we are grateful for all that we have and being generous by giving our outgrown t-shirts to the Kori Project.  



Our Vocation


Each teacher chose a letter from the word vocation to be their class vocation.  I chose 'C' for 'convert' as in reuse or recycle.  That evening I read about the Kori Project and thought it was a great place to start.  Ladies in the UK hold a sewing evening and make our 'waste' t-shirts into dresses for children who only have their school uniform in the Kori area of Sierra Leone, in Africa.  Mrs Donnelly very kindly made up three dresses to show the children what they look like and members of the class modelled them.


Thank you to everyone who has donated their used t-shirts (and shorts) we are currently on 75 t-shirts just from Class 4, which is totally amazing!


Watch this space for more recycling and reusing projects being added in the future.

Curriculum Vehicle


Paddle Ohana


The children came in to a grand display of beach, sea and body boards with the ultimate aim of creating a pair of paddle board shorts.   Lessons are linked to Hawaii;it's location and climate; it's discovery by Captain Cook in the age of great European exploration; trying out the language; learning about it's music and rhythms; and of course reseaching materials and fabrics, and designing a pair of paddle board shorts.

Working Scientifically


The children have become material testers throughout their studies so far.  Great fun was had looking at and testing a variety of fabrics which could be made into board shorts for our Curriculum Vehicle, Paddle Ohana. 

The fabrics had been sourced from a variety of producers and suppliers, firstly the children identified the materials and what they noticed about them.  Secondly they discussed what kind of garment would need to be produced and what test they could do to the fabrics to see if they were suitable.


They then created and tested the fabrics, recording their results and recommendations.  Then we talked scientifically about whether we had carried out 'fair testing' and what changes could be made for more accurate work in the future. 


Investigating stain removal

Investigating stain removal 1
The children were tasked with removing usual stains from a piece of cotton fabric. They chose pasta sauce, paint and mud. They had great fun setting up the investigation and making it as far as possible a 'fair' test. To remove the stains we had a bar of soap, washing up liquid, washing powder and a stain remover powder.  The children made predictions and watched in anticipation to see if the stains would lift.

Saint's Morning


Our Saint's Morning and assembly took place last week.  Thank you to all parents who could come and join us.  The children enjoyed learning about St Augustine (St. Austin) and how he had make big changes to his life when it was all going wrong.  They made group posters showing key facts about St Augustine to share in the assembly; some chose to write prayers and each child had a book mark to remember the morning and St Augustine's words 'My heart is restless until it rests in God'.




Most importantly please keep practicing your times tables - this can be done on Times Tables Rockstars or simple chanting and checking.


We have already learned about place value and addition and subtraction.  The children have enjoyed getting out the concrete resources to help them visualise numbers and amounts.  They have done lots of showing and explaining why.  We are now moving onto our next block of length and perimeter.





Please remember to read as least five times a week!


The Iron Man, by Ted Hughes


'The Iron Man came to the top of the cliff. How far had he walked? Nobody knows. Where did he come from? Nobody knows. How was he made? Nobody knows. Taller than a house, the Iron Man stood at the top of the cliff, on the very brink, in the darkness...'


The children have planned and created their own version of a monster story based on the ideas they discussed whilst reading 'The Iron Man'.