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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!



Class 4 Mrs Lennon and Mrs Donnelly


Important Information



We have PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so please make sure you have your kit (you can leave it in the PE box - no need to bring it in each day). PE will be outdoors as much as possible this term so it's okay to bring in jogging bottoms or leggings to keep warm and of course your trainers).



Homework is given out on Mondays and due in on Fridays.  

Times tables tests and spelling tests are on Fridays, new words are also given out to learn for the following week.



Children should read daily. We will write in planners when your child has read to an adult and would like you to do the same so that we know how much practise they are getting.  All children have been given a scheme reading book for them to read and a sharing book, a book that they chose off the shelf to share, you may want to take it in turns to read it.

Our Class Saint


Our class saint is St Augustine (St. Austin) and children will learn how he had to make big changes to his life when it was all going wrong.  


St Augustine's words 'My heart is restless until it rests in God'.


Curriculum Vehicle


Our Curriculum Vehicle this term is VIKINGS, VALOUR AND VALHALLA!


On the first day of term we were lucky enough to launch our vehicle, giving the children a chance to look at a variety of games and think about their origins and how they were first made.This will link to our studies about the Vikings in a rather unusual way.



Most importantly please keep practicing your times tables - this can be done on Times Tables Rockstars, Mathsframe or simple chanting and checking.  A great way of speeding up your skills is to pick a table and then roll two dice; for example 7 is my chosen times table, multiplied by, 4 on dice one add 6 on dice two, would be 7 x 10 = 70.


This term we are adding to our knowledge of times tables enabling multiplying and dividing.  We will also cover measuring (area) and fractions.



Please remember to read as least five times a week!



The children are experiencing the text 'Mission Possible' and looking in detail at the features and techniques that the author has used.  The next stage will be to plan and create their own dramatic piece of written work.



In history we are investigating the Vikings.  So far the children have done some independent research to find out where the Vikings came from, and when and how they arrived in Britain. 

Working Scientifically


This term the children will be investigating electricity.  There will be chances to explore appliances in the home and whether they run on mains electricity or stored (batteries).  We are extremely reliant on electricity in the modern world so some of their studies will be about electricity safety, measurement (usage) and meters.  There will also be the chance to look at simple circuits. 




We will be identifying the best places to create a settlement;  what do we need to survive and how can natural geography help us?




The children are beginning to look at the work of Stephen Wiltshire who has the amazing ability to create accurate cityscapes from only viewing the scene for a limited time.  It is hope by the end of the term that they can create their own piece of work in Stephen's style.

Design and Technology


The children will be looking to design their own game based on their research of historical games.  There will also be a chance for the children to investigate local produce and then use their findings to bake or cook a product or meal.



Modern Foreign Languages


So far the children have looked at how we travel to school.  They have learned new and necessary vocabulary in French which enabled them to have conversations with each other to carry out a travel survey.



This term in computing the children are beginning to look at coding.  Previously we have looked at skills needed to create features in written documents and manipulate text and images successfully.

We have also made sure that they have logins to Times Tables Rockstars, Google Classroom, Century Tech, ReadTheory - check their planners and make sure that they can get in at home.  Any issues please let school know.



The children are developing their listening and appraisal skills in music.  This term we will be looking at the music of Abba, we will investigate the structure and style of songs linked to literacy, the music and styles of the 70s and 80s, analysing performance and, of course, look at Sweden.