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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Class teacher - Mrs Spruce.  


In class 5, PE sessions are on a Wednesday and  a Friday. Please make sure children have their PE kits in school for these days. Homework is given out on a Friday and expected back each Monday. A spelling lesson and test will be completed on Friday mornings. Children in class 5 are given a weekly spelling focus to practice. It is also essential that the children in class 5 are confident with their times tables - please practice when you can!



We are starting our half term by introducing our new Curriculum vehicle 'SCFC Multi-Skills competition and nutritional diaries'. Class 5 are going to create their own sports competitions and activity cards for Stoke City to use in their future training programs, as well as produce nutritional diaries based on a professions athlete's diet.   



We had a great time with SCFC reps!


During our Maths lessons, we are focusing on place value and the four operations. Children will be identifying place value for numbers up to one million, and will also be using this to solve a variety of problems. Class 5 will then move onto understanding column addition and subtraction and will use this in a variety of contexts. 


Within our English lessons this half term, class 5 will be looking at Michael Morpurgo's 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. We will focus lots on the language and structure of the text which will help the children to practice their punctuation and story telling abilities. At the end of this unit, the children in class 5 will create their own adventure stories to share. 


Children in class 5 are expected to be reading at least three times a week. When children reach this reading target, they are able to join our achievements board for the week. Please encourage your child to read at home, as this will help them progress with both their reading and writing skills. 

Our Curriculum Vehicle

BMT have launched their Curriculum Vehicles this year, where children are expected to achieve an outcome by the end of the term. This term, class 5 are taking part in their vehicle in order to create their own multi-skills competitions and activity cards for Stoke City Football Club. At the end of the vehicle, SCFC will come into school to judge the competition and will then use the winning groups' work in their future training sessions. Alongside this, the children will also create nutritional diaries in groups and will showcase their food to the judges. 

Curriculum coverage for this term:


History: A study that dates beyond 1066 - Leisure and Entertainment in the 20th century. 


Geography: Compare and contrast the UK, Italy and Mexico. To identify climate zones for areas of the world and the impact this has upon food growth.


Science: Separating Mixtures and Types of Change. 


Art: Drawing and painting - Sports pictures and movement images based on Leroy Neiman.


Design Technology: Cooking and nutrition.


Computing: Databases, reliability of websites, research skills, communication and collaboration, using a variety of media. 


Music: Listening and appraising a variety of genres, singing and improvising, composition and use of glockenspiels. 


Modern Foreign Languages: French food and drink, restaurant and greeting terminology. 

Mother Teresa's Song