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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Class teacher - Mrs Spruce.  


In class 5, PE sessions are on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Please make sure children have their PE kits in school for these days. Homework will be completed on Century Tech (online resource) and on Wednesday after school there will be a club for children to stay and complete this. A spelling lesson and test will be completed on Friday mornings, following our RWI spelling programme. Children in class 5 are given a weekly spelling focus to practice. It is also essential that the children in class 5 are confident with their times tables - please practice when you can!



Our Autumn Curriculum Vehicle - Stoke City competition and meal plans

Spring Curriculum Vehicle overview


During our Maths lessons, we are focusing on multiplication and division. We will be looking at multiples, factors, prime numbers and square and cube numbers. Class 5 will then move onto perimeter and area of shapes.


Within our English lessons this half term, class 5 will be looking at JK Rowling's book called Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The children will be experiencing the story and discussing new vocabulary, as well as applying their written skills in a variety of ways. We are focusing in particular on description, direct speech, relative clauses and parenthesis throughout this unit. By the end of this topic, class 5 will have created their own fantasy story booklets to share with everyone. 


Children in class 5 are expected to be reading at least three times a week. When children reach this reading target, they are able to join our achievements board for the week. Please encourage your child to read at home, as this will help them progress with both their reading and writing skills. 

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