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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Class teacher - Mrs Spruce.  


In class 5, PE sessions are on a Thursday and  a Friday. Please make sure children have their PE kits in school for these days. Homework is given out on a Friday and expected back each Wednesday. A spelling lesson and test will be completed on Friday mornings. Children in class 5 are given a weekly spelling focus to practice. It is also essential that the children in class 5 are confident with their times tables - please practice when you can!



Safe and Sound trip - a very informative day!

Thank you to those who joined us for our Saints morning!

We have started our half term by introducing our new Curriculum vehicle 'The Secret Life of Animals'. Class 5 are going to produce music, a documentary and lots of learning resources for Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre to use in their classroom.  



Zoo Lab came to visit - what an excellent experience!

Blessed William Howard Transition Day - a great day had by all!


During our Maths lessons, we are focusing on perimeter and area to begin, and will move onto fractions, decimals and percentages as we progress through the Spring term. Children will be learning how to find and write equivalents, add and subtract fractions, and will also be working with percentages in a variety of ways. 


Within our English lessons this half term, class 5 will be looking at a variety of texts including non-fiction, as well as a war adventure story. The children will be expected to use their grammar, punctuation and descriptive skills in a variety of ways to extend their writing styles further. 


Children in class 5 are expected to be reading at least three times a week. When children reach this reading target, they are able to join our achievements board for the week. Please encourage your child to read at home, as this will help them progress with both their reading and writing skills. 

Our Curriculum Vehicle

BMT have launched their new Curriculum Vehicles this year, where children are expected to achieve an outcome by the end of the term. This term, class 5 are taking part in their vehicle in order to help Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre with their learning and classroom resources. The children will be creating a documentary, composing differing styles of music and will be making databases and learning aids throughout their vehicle this term. 

Curriculum coverage for this term:


History: Stone Age to the Iron Age with a focus on use of animals.


Geography: A study of one of the known features of the world - Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest.


Science: Life Cycles and Development of Humans.


Art: Collage and painting - creating rainforest layer pictures.


Design Technology: Designing and creating animal habitats. 


Computing: Databases, reliability of websites, research skills, communication and collaboration, using a variety of media. 


Music: Listening and appraising a variety of genres, singing and improvising, composition and use of glockenspiels. 


Modern Foreign Languages: French animal names, phrases and oral pronunciation of terms. French music and zoo terminology. 

Mother Teresa's Song