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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 


Mrs Peet and Mrs Reader



 This term we are launching our exciting curriculum vehicle: 



Curriculum Coverage for this term


History: The Mayan's 


Geography: Study of Antarctica 


Science: Classifying Living Things 


Art: Sketching and recording observations.


Design and Technology: Designing and creating our own Mayan animal headdresses. 


Computing: Power point presentations and databases. 


Music: Learning to play the guitar. 


Modern Foreign Languages: To know and group the names of animals according to gender. To give written and oral responses to questions. To describe an animal in terms of colour and size. 



Having fun learning through our curriculum vehicle.

This term in Maths we will covering the             This term in English we will be

following areas:                                                  focusing on:                                                                                                               Information texts

  • fractions, decimals and percentages             Grammar terminology 

  • four operations (including long division)                                     

  • explanations