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Here at Blessed Mother Teresa's, we understand the importance  and excitement of immersing our pupils in good quality art  activities, learning from the 'best of the best'. Our children will experience working with examples of artwork created by both globally known and local Artists. Through our Curriculum Vehicles, we endeavour to ensure that pupils have the opportunities to visit Art galleries, both physically and via the world wide web, as well as meeting artists face to face.



Autumn 2019 Curriculum Vehicles

Artwork in School

If you want to find out a little more about the art exhibitions within Staffordshire, then check out Staffordshire Arts Magazine.

Tremendous Trips Out!

At Blessed Mother Teresa's we aim to provide a rich and varied curriculum that extends outside the classroom. Year 2 recently visited Walsall Art Gallery to have a idea about what an art gallery should look like. They experienced paintings, pictures as well as scultures...

Year 2 Walsall Art Gallery

....when they returned to school, they experimented with art using natural materials...

Year 2 Natural Art Lesson

The Best of the Best

Each month we will be featuring a Biography for a well-known or local Artist. This month, Year 5 have been learning about Giuseppe Arcimboldo who created his painting using vegetables to create faces.

Year 5 Creating Art in the Style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.