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Welcome to our Early Year's page!


The Early Years framework sets out the welfare and development goals for children aged 0-5 years. Here at Blessed Mother Teresa's, the framework underpins the care and learning that happens in both our Nursery and our Reception class. The framework is covered in seven areas and all these areas are planned for within adult focused activities and the continuous provision both indoors and out.

Personal Social Emotional Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development is one of the 'Prime' areas in the framework and is recognised as one of the building blocks of success in life. It supports children’s development by helping them to interact effectively and develop positive attitudes to themselves and others.

We teach the children to;

- have awareness of their own feelings and feelings of others;
- take an interest in things;
- become independent;
- tell the difference between right and wrong.

Communication and Language

Communication and Language is also a 'Prime' area of learning in the EYFS. In this area we are teaching important skills for all learning and development. There are three aspects: Listening and Attention; Understanding; and Speaking.

We teach the children to;

- talk confidently and clearly;
- show awareness of listener
- enjoy listening to stories, songs and poems, showing good attention;
- follow instructions;
- answer questions about stories

Physical Development

Physical Development is the third 'Prime' area that looks at how young children gain control of their bodies, but it also includes how children learn about keeping themselves active and healthy and how they learn to use equipment and materials successfully and safely.

We teach the children to;

- move confidently

- control their body
- handle equipment, including scissors and pencil
- manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs including dressing and undressing independently


 Literacy is a 'Specific' area in Early Years that covers both reading and writing. Literacy in the Early Years is particularly important for children as it gives them a head start in learning these essential life skills that they will use on a daily basis, as well as preparing them for when they begin school talking about books, print in the environment, early mark making and writing, as well as sharing books and reading.

We teach the children to;

- retell and order events and stories

- hear and say sounds, and link them to the alphabet

- read and write familiar words and sentences

- learn to use a pencil effectively.


Maths is also a 'Specific' area in the Early Years framework. Maths is an important part of learning and is an essential life skill. It helps children develop their numeracy and other skills such as problem solving and understanding and using shapes and measure.

We teach the children to;
- develop an understanding of counting and calculating through stories, songs, games and imaginative play;
- become comfortable with numbers and with ideas such as 'heavier than' or ‘taller than’;

- be aware of shapes and space.

- accurately count objects  to make simple calculations

Understanding the World

Understanding of the World is split into three areas; The world, People and Communities and Technology. The children learn about the world around them and their family. This area also covers ICT which is an important skill for children to have and helps them in all areas.

We teach the children to;

- explore and find out about the world around them, asking questions about
- build with different materials, know about everyday technology and learn what it is used for;
- find out about past events in their lives and their families' lives;

- find out about different cultures and beliefs.

Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive arts and design is used to develop a child's imagination, creativity and their ability to use media and materials. Children do this in range of ways including singing songs and making music, dancing, playing with colours, textures and design.

We teach the children to explore with

- colours and shapes;
- making things;
- role play;               
- making music and singing songs