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Spring Term

The Spring Term starts with our learning about Christmas, where the children will be sequencing the story of Christmas from the Annunciation to the flight into Egypt. They will trace the journeys made by Mary and Joseph and understand the difficulties that they faced when travelling to Bethlehem and Egypt. We then move on to looking at Special Celebrations that happen within the Church. This unit starts by looking at the Liturgical calendar and the events that happen within each part before focusing on the 2 Sacraments of Marriage and Baptism. After this, the children learn that the Church is the Family of God and the different roles and responsibilities that people have within the parish community.  Within the unit of Lent, the children will learn about what Jesus teaches about forgiveness, why it might sometimes be difficult to forgive others and how we experience forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


We start this term by finding out the specific features of a letter. The children will learn about adverbials of place and time and expanded noun phrases, which will provide the reader with extra detail. They will also learn about extending sentences using sub-ordinating conjunctions. At the end of the unit the children will write their own letter recounting the events of our visit to Aston Hall. 



To start the term we will complete:

The last few lessons of Unit 4 - Properties of Shape

During the rest of the term we will be covering: 

Unit 5 - Money

Unit 6 - Multiplication and Division 1

Unit 7 - Multiplication and Division 2

Unit 8 - Length and Height

Unit 9 - Mass, Capacity and Temperature



In History this term, the children are learning all about explorers. They will learn what an explorer is, the famous explorers Ibn Battuta and Captain Scott, whilst comparing what was similar and different about them.



In Geography we are learning all about hot and cold places. The unit starts with the children learning about the differences between seasons and weather. They will then learn how we find out about the weather, how it changes over time, how the weather is different around the world and where the equator is. After this, they will focus on the Antarctic where they will learn about its climate, human and physical features and link it to Captain Scott's expedition.



We will be starting the term with the children learning about how to use a keyboard and mouse to enter and remove text. They will then learn how to change the look of their text before learning how to create text to suit a purpose. In the second half of the Spring term, the children will learn how to create different types of graphs on Purple Mash to show data.



Through our Art lessons this term we will be looking closely at the work of David Hockney The children will explore how he used different colours and textures, eventually they will be using their explorations to design and create their own version of Pop Art in order to show what they have learnt.



In PE this term, the children will develop and apply their jumping and landing and seated balance through focused skill development sessions, cooperative and competitive games. We will also be developing our Gymnastic skills to build a sequence that includes a core shape, balance and jump.



Our unit is: How does music make the world a better place? We will be learning songs based around this theme, where they will investigate pulse, pitch and note duration, tempo and loudness/softness of music. The children will have a go at composing their own music to then perform using instruments. In Spring 2, our unit is: How does music teach us about or neighbourhood?



In Spring 1 will be making a moving monster. We will learn what pivots and linkages are, the children will explore the different types of linkages that can be made. Following this the children will create a design matching a design criteria design and use this to complete their making. After half term, we will focus on food types and what makes a balanced diet. Their learning will feed into their own design of a healthy snack and they follow hygiene guidelines to complete their making and TASTING!!! Yummy!



During the Spring term, we will be learning about the things that we like or dislike and our feelings. We will learn about what we can do if we feel angry focusing on growth mindset and also about the cycle of life. Throughout the term, we will also learn about how God loves us, the special people in our lives, how we can treat others well and how we can say sorry. We will also focus on how we can voice our opinions within school.



In Science, we will learn all about animals and their offspring, animal cycles, what makes up a balanced diet, whether we all grow at the same rate, how to make sure we maintain good hygiene and what can we do if we feel ill. Following this, we start a new unit called Living Things and their Habitats where the children will learn how we know if something is alive, what a habitat is, what different habitats there are, what a microhabitat is, how animals get their food and how they are adapted to their habitat.


During Spring 1, our Catholic Virtues are Compassionate and Loving and our Catholic Social Teachings are Family, Community and Participation.


During Spring 2, our Catholic Virtues are Faith-filled and Hopeful and our Catholic Social Teachings are Option for the Poor and Vulnerable.