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Design Technology

Design and Technology shapes our world and at Blessed Mother Teresa's, we want to allow our pupils to explore it's influence on our society. From the food we eat at lunch time, to the mode of transport we use to get to school- D and T is everywhere. Through our Curriculum vehicles, we want to give pupils the opportunity to think outside of the box by making choices, meeting experts in the field and testing and evaluating their finished projects.

Design & Technology Curriculum Statement

Autumn 2019 Curriculum Vehicles

Design and Technology in School

Our classes have been doing some fantastic design and technology. Class 2 have been constructing their own fire engines. Parents helped out too....

Year 2 Design and Technology Afternoon

Year 5 Food Tasting Experience

Year 5 have had some tongue-tingling experiences tasting a variety of foods....

Year 5 Food Tasting Experience

The Best of the Best!



Each month we will be featuring a biography of a well known member of the Design or Technology field. Year 5 are hosting a 'Come Dine With Me' event and are visiting a number of professional restaurants and with the help of Mrs Fantauzzo- our Home School Link Worker, they made their own pasta and pizza... so in true Italian style, this month we look at Giorgio Locatelli, Michelin-Starred chef and owner of Locanda Loccatelli restaurant...

Giorgio Locatelli