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Design and Technology shapes our world and at Blessed Mother Teresa's, we want to allow our pupils to explore it's influence on our society. From the food we eat at lunch time, to the mode of transport we use to get to school- D and T is everywhere. Through our Curriculum vehicles, we want to give pupils the opportunity to think outside of the box by making choices, meeting experts in the field and testing and evaluating their finished projects.

Design & Technology Curriculum Statement

Design and Technology in School

Our classes have been doing some fantastic design and technology. Class 2 have been constructing their own fire engines. Parents helped out too....

Year 2 Design and Technology Afternoon

Year 5 Food Tasting Experience

Year 5 have had some tongue-tingling experiences tasting a variety of foods....

Year 5 Food Tasting Experience

What the children say...

Year 1 - "Making our very own box of chocolates was such good fun and we even got to give them to someone special as a gift."

Year 3 - "I enjoy DT lessons very much but in particular I loved planning my puppets and sewing my story bag."

The Best of the Best!



Josiah Wedgewood



Josiah Wedgwood. Wedgwood was born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1730 and was a talented potter by the age of 9. He had to think innovatively after the loss of his leg from an illness when he was 14 left him unable to use a potter’s wheel. Amongst other successes, Wedgwood was one of the first people to build large factories, changing the way that pottery was produced around the world. His designs are famous across the globe and are instantly recognisable.

Take a look a little further into The World of Wedgewood.