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Modern Foreign Languages

At Blessed Mother Teresa's Catholic Primary School we want every child to be enthusiastic learners of French and to be eager to achieve their very best in order to fulfil their God-given talents. We firmly believe that the recipe for success is high quality first-wave teaching in French, which is central to the life of our happy caring school. 

Modern Foreign Languages curriculum statement

Scheme and vocabulary overview

'MFL at Blessed Mother Teresa's Catholic Primary School'

French role play from our 'SCFC Nutritional Meals' Curriculum vehicle - Quest ce vous allez boire?

What do BMT pupils say about their MFL learning?


'I like the fun games we play when we learn French. We have been learning about numbers and our family. I enjoy it when Mrs Wilde does video clips with 'French frog' for us to watch.'


'We have been learning about colours in French and have been practicing how to use them in lots of ways. I enjoyed learning about numbers up to 20 and we had to practice saying them too.'


'I love it in French when we practice speaking out loud and pronouncing different words. My favourite lesson was when we pretended to work in a restaurant and we spoke everything in French! I like listening to my teacher because she helps me to say things correctly.'


"I have enjoyed my French learning this year because we practice saying things out loud as well as written down. It is nice to learn a different language because if we visit France we can try and speak French. We know all about French celebrations too so I can talk about those in French. I didn't realise that people in France celebrate the Epiphany too!'

Cultural Capital - Famous French inventors!


Pierre de Coubertin (1863 - 1937), is considered the 'father' and initiator of the modern Olympic Games. Year 5 have learnt all about Pierre in their History lessons and have been inspired by his work to re-establish the Olympics!


Other famous French inventors we are inspired by:


Gustave Eiffel (1832 - 1922) the French architect and engineer, designed the Eiffel tower for the world expo in Paris. He also helped with the construction of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Jacques Cartier (1491 - 1557) was a navigator and explorer. On his way to explore the Western passage to Asia, he set sail from France and arrived in Newfoundland in 1534, still thinking after his return to France that he had stepped on Asian land! He is the first person who mapped the St Lawrence River in eastern Canada/Northern America.