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The School Day

Please remember we have made changes to our school day as a result of COVID-19 please visit the information page for details.

Our School Day (Timings)


8.45am                        Classrooms open



9.00-9.20am          HT Assembly – Mon

                                   AHT Attendance Assembly – Friday


9.200-10.15am              Session 1


10.15am-10.35              Morning break


10.35-11.40am          Session 2 KS1 & KS2


11.40-12.30pm               Session 3 KS1 & KS2  


12.30pm-1.20pm         Lunchtime

  12.30pm                 KS1 Lunch – Hall 

  12.45pm                 KS2 Lunch – first sitting - Hall   

   1.00pm                 KS2 Lunch – second sitting - Hall 


1.20-3.15pm             Session 4


2.50-3.10pm                   Hymn Practice (Monday)

2.50-3.10pm                   Class Assembly (Tuesday)

10-10.15am                     Attendance Assembly (Friday)

3.15pm                            School closes


Total hours weekly:


Key Stage 1   25 hours (excl. breaks)

Key Stage 2   25 hours (excl. breaks)