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Numbers to 50 


This unit builds on children’s knowledge of numbers to 10 and then 20 developed so far in Year 1, as well as their knowledge of the part-whole model. Using their knowledge of counting in 10s and 1s will help the children to begin to partition numbers beyond 20 into 10s and 1s, representing them on a part-whole model. They will become increasingly confident in partitioning numbers as they work through the unit. Finally, they will use their knowledge of the counting sequence to find one more and one less than a number less than 50.



Key vocabulary: 

Numbers 20–50, count, partition, tens, ones, one more, one less, order, more than, less than

Take a look at what we will be learning throughout the year.

Maths Fluency 


Children in Year 1 will take part in an additional maths lesson each afternoon which will focus on developing their fluency. During these sessions they will engage in practical activities using a Rekenrek and materials from Numberblocks.  


Maths fluency means that children will be able to use their skills to know the best way to solve a maths problem. It also means developing number sense and being able to use those skills in a variety of contexts.

Most importantly, maths fluency allows learners to understand the relationship between numbers. It means that not only do they get to grips with how they answer something, but they also understand why they’ve reached their answer.