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Spring Term Coverage 

Unit                                                                 Summary                                                         Grammar                      Non-fiction                    In this unit, the children go on an imaginary mission back in time to warn        Hyphens and dashes     

Mission: Save Pompeii!    the people of Pompeii about the volcanic eruption. They read the                    Apostrophes

                                             interactive eBook, locating key information in the text and creating an           Colons and semi-colons

                                             action plan. The writing tasks include creating an information leaflet              Coordination and 

                                             and writing a non-chronological report using formal language.                           subordination



Fiction:                          In this unit, the children will read the story Goodnight Mister Tom,                             Past and present 

Goodnight                      they will demonstrate their understanding of what they read by drawing          progressive tense

Mister Tom                  inferences such as inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives            Subjunctive form/mood

                                         from their actions, and justifying inferences with evidence.                              Direct and indirect speech

                                        This unit also focusses on developing writing skills, including story writing,

                                         personal writing, letter writing and recount writing.



Poetry:                       In this unit, the children explore free verse poems, focusing in depth               Synonyms and antonyms

Poetic voice                  on the work of two poets. They focus on imagery and explore different            Abstract nouns

                                        language patterns. They write poems based on a model and present a free         Revision of terminology

                                        verse poem in letter form.