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Year 6

Both Mrs Spruce and Mrs Peet just want to say a massive thank you to all of those children who have been working so hard with their online learning over the past few weeks. We also want to say thank you to the parents and carers at home who have supported them throughout - it is greatly appreciated! We hope you have been able to enjoy your Easter break and we welcome you back to Google Classroom. Moving forwards, there will be 3 sessions available each day, including Maths, English and a foundation subject. 

Welcome to Google Classroom.

Each week, work will be set on the classwork tab and will be dated Monday-Friday. You are expected to only complete the work set for each day – please don’t try and rush ahead as the live stream session will only be relevant to that day! In order to access your learning each day, click on the appropriate day and click view assignment. Complete the activities that have been set to you by writing in your workbook, then take a photo (as clear as you can make it) and attach it before you hand your work in. If for some reason you can’t do this, either type your answers into a word document and attach, or private message to ask for answers, mark your own and let me know how you did.

The 9:30am-10:30am session will be a Maths focus, whereas the 11-12pm session will be English. English sessions could include reading, writing, grammar, comprehension or ‘Read Theory’. Again, instructions will be set via the classwork tab. Comments have been disabled and will stay this way until the online streaming sessions begin. Please ensure that your comments are relevant to the learning. When you are commenting, please try your best to comment on the classwork assignment stream and NOT the stream page, as this makes it much easier to direct comments.

Please just try your best with your online learning – we are completely aware that this will be unfamiliar to you all, but all we ask if that you do what you can.

PE challenge week starting 27.04.2020

If you are looking for some extra learning opportunities, please continue to use these sites to help you: