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Physical Development

Children have an external Physical Education provider delivering their PE sessions twice a week. 


This half term they will be focusing on...



  • Athletics

Begin to skip

Jump and land on 2 feet

Hops on one foot

Able to negotiate space successfully adjusting speed or direction to avoid obstacles.

Can walk on tip toes

Balances on one food with their eyes closed.


  • Racket Skills/games

Safely use the outdoor apparatus with control and coordination.

Has growing control over smaller apparatus.

Throwing to aim at something.

Children can throw and catch independently with a partner.

Batting objects of different sizes.

Children can complete obstacle courses.


Can skip

Children can ride a 2 wheeled bike without stabilizers.

Dressed and undressed without help.

Children could cut along a line with accuracy and control.

Begin to learn about road safety.

Use a knife and fork effectively to cut food and feed themselves.

Start to understand their emotional health not just their physical health.

Know that we should eat a balanced diet.