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Autumn Term

Our Curriculum Vehicle for the Autumn Term is.......



Our RE units this term starts with Old Testament stories. We look at some classic ones such as Jonah and the Whale, Daniel and the lion’s den and David and Goliath. We then move on to sharing in the life of Jesus where we think about important people in his life and important experiences for him. We also think about how this can have an impact on our own lives and how Jesus wants us to follow the path God sets for us. We will then be thinking about the importance of advent on the lead up the Christmas celebrations, with a focus on the symbols of advent and how we can ensure we are prepared to celebrate Christmas as true Catholics.


We start in September with a 2 week poetry unit studying classic poetry by Edward Lear and have lots of fun reciting famous poems. Including 'The Owl and the Pussy-Cat.' We will have a go at recreating it by changing some of the endings. I'm sure we will come up with some brilliant 'nonsense' ideas.



During this term we will be covering:


Unit 1 – Numbers to 100

Unit 2 – Addition and subtraction (1)

Unit 3 – Addition and subtraction (2)

Unit 4 – Money

Unit 5 – Multiplication and Division



In Science we are exploring the world of animals and thinking about habitats, food chains and how animals survive. We will then move on to a materials topic where our focus is the properties of different materials and what they can be used for.


In Geography we are learning all about the UK and its countries. We will be thinking about the capital cities as well as features of each of the places.  We will also be thinking about a costal part of the UK and making some comparisons with a particular focus on human and physical features of a costal part of the UK and Stafford.  


In History we will learn all about 'The Great Fire of London.' We make contrasts between then and now which are so clear. We also gain experience of using historical evidence to reconstruct the past and work on developing our understanding of cause and consequence. 


In Art we are studying the famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh. We will study some of his most famous pieces of artwork such as sunflowers and starry night and have a go at creating our own versions.


Design and Technology
We will investigate how to make a moving monster the first part of the half term and then after half term we will be making a wallet/purse to keep money safe- using a fabric cut out, we will use a simple running stitch to join two pieces together before decorating the front of it.


We will starting the term with thinking about how we can stay safe online before moving on to searching using the internet and making music.