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At Blessed Mother Teresa’s we believe in a high-quality computing education to equip pupils to use thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. We want our pupils to become digitally literate so they are able to use, and express themselves and develop their ideas at a level suitable for the future workplace and as active participants in a digital world. Through our Curriculum Vehicle curriculum we ensure pupils are aware of career opportunities and can learn from expertise. It should be part of our daily lives so pupils can use it responsibly and safely.


Here at Blessed Mother Teresa’s Catholic Primary School we aim to help each child to develop into a;


Digital citizen – who is safe and responsible

Digital creator – who is logical and creative

Digital communicator – who is digitally literate


Computing curriculum statement

Computing Progression Map

Subject Overview ( Y1-6)

Computing at Blessed Mother Teresa's

Pupil Voice

One of our classes were lucky enough to have a skype call from Dr Natalie Taylor, who with part of her team 'The Ice Maidens', Skied coast-to-coast across Antarctica, a total of 1,700km. Here is what some of our children said about it-


Amelia- 'I loved hearing about her expeditions.'


Karolina- ' I liked the fact that 'The Ice Maidens' were an all girl team.'


David- 'I liked learning about a famous person from the person themselves- first hand.'



Here is what some of our other pupils say about our computing curriculum...


Jayden- 'It is important nowadays to be able to use computers and other devices. I loved our coding module. We use algorithms to control characters. Sometimes we had to debug the algorithm if there was an error.


Aiyla- I liked using the website We created our own online games.



The Best of the Best...

Tim Berners-Lee- The Man who Created the World Wide Web