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Homework Expectations in Early Years


Reading - Daily 

Clever Cat Targets - Reviewed weekly 

RWI links will be sent by email. These are for the children to practice the speed sounds they have learnt in school each week. - Sent weekly  



Reading at Home in Reception! 

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!  

Dr. Seuss 


Hearing your child read AND reading to your child is so important! 


The effect of sharing a book with your to child is huge; read with your child and this is what you give them for free: 

  • The ability to pay attention, to focus on something shared 

  • A breadth of vocabulary and a deeper understanding of language 

  • awareness of alliteration, rhyme and rhythm 

  • Knowledge of new places and people: real and imagined 

  • Knowledge of how stories work 

  • The ability to think ahead, hypothesize and to infer what characters are thinking 

  • Opportunity to discuss moral issues: right from wrong 

  • Time to chat 

  • Your attention. 


“One of the most important things you can do as a parent at home is read to your child.  

Loving stories is important because children who love stories, want to then read stories for themselves. Children who read a lot become better readers” Ruth Miskin (founder of RWI) 

To encourage reading at home we have a reading incentive in class. The children will all have their own book worm. Each time they read at home, their book worm will move onto the next book. If the children read at home 5 times in a week they will get a reading certificate. 

At the end of each term all children who CONSISTANTLY read at home 5 times a week will have a special treat. 

Please support us in helping your child succeed and help them to become great readers! 

“it’s so important that children learn to read fluently as quickly as possible. Inevitably, fluent readers will learn more, because they can read and gain knowledge for themselves.” Ofsted 2019 


Reading can include your child reading to you or you sharing a story book together at bedtime. It could be a whole book or even just one page! 


Clever Cat Individual Targets 

As part of the Early Year’s framework we continually assess the children’s progress and development. As part of our close Parent Partnership we will give your child an individual target to practice at home each week. Please let us know via your child’s planner how they get on with their target. Your child is assessed individually and continually so once they have achieved their target they will be given a new one. Please ask your child’s key person if you would like to discuss your child’s target.